Car insurance and postcode woes


Evening everyone

Brand new here, so please be gentle.

To set the scene….I currently live in a rented property that is only slightly elevated from the 7th level of Hell. I’m going to be moving to a lovely modern recent build apartment very soon (keys in hand, but having to move stuff around work)

Wouldn’t you know it? I forgot to run a couple of prospective insurance quotes with my new address. Because everyone does that before they buy a new house or move in general…….?!?

Anyway, renewal time is next Friday. Tesco massively inflated my premium as standard, so comparison site it is! Hang on….why are the premiums all pretty good, but the excess for nearly every single insurer is dead on a compulsory £3000 (no voluntary)….

Okay….lets try my existing address. Wow…lovely quotes, with typical low excess.

Let’s try next door….£3000 excess.

Let’s try……keeping the address the same, but say it’ll be kept overnight at my new address…..decent quotes again, low excess.

You may have noticed that I’ve devoted a lot of time to trying to work this shambles out, but the stark realism is that unless I can find a way around this, I can’t drive anymore. Simple as that.

I refuse to believe this is simply the insurance companies cherry picking low risks (not that they would…of course), but my prospective new postcode is actually showing up as a lower risk than my current address (on the postcode risk comparator)

So….not risk based postcode then. So what the blue hell is it?!? Is it because I have no links to the address (V5C is still in this address, all my credit history ties to this address and nothing to the new one)?

There are plenty of cars at in the development i’m moving to…..they can’t all be able to afford £5000 premiums or £3000 excess. And a wide variation in quality of cars too.

I am truly, utterly baffled. But i’m not about to take a £3000 excess simply to have the fairly common convenience of driving a car.

Can anyone offer some advice, please? I’m utterly on my final nerve trying to make sense out of this, when there doesn’t seem to be any!

Thank you


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