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I’m 25 today and I’ve bought a bmw 1 series 2.0 diesel. My insurance is still £2500 a year third party. If I put fully comp it’s the same but with £3000 access and the car is only worth £2500. This is on gocompare and compare the market and confused. Avivva Bennett’s Churchill won’t insure me or quote me even rang them. There is one insurance company called right choice who offer £1428 a year fullycomp with £350 access which sounds good but it insures thru pinkpound and if you look at the reviews it’s 1 out of 5 and say there scammers etc. What can i do to get it down I have no one with no claims bonus to help second driver. I put garage I put drive way I put job nothing helps I got it down £200 cheaper from putting parked drive way and value 3500. I’m from Coventry and it’s still high.

How much is your insurance and your age?

I had no points. Put no claims. 25 tomorrow.


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