Car Insurance – Broken Window – 4 weeks and counting


I’m looking for advice regarding an insurance claim.

On 27th June my car was vandalised and a side window was put through. I reported this to the insurance company the same day. They used Autoglass as an agent to repair the window. So far so good.

A couple of days later, Autoglass came out to repair the window, but had been sent the wrong glass and were missing a bracket. In the process they also broke the electric window switch panel. They made a perspex temporary replacement held in with electrical tape and said they would reorder.

Autoglass have now had 5 attempts at ordering the correct glass and on each occasion have called me to cancel the appointment because the wrong glass and bracket have been delivered. That’s 5 times I’ve had to rearrange my day only to end up disappointed and at least one more to come. The car is fairly common, it’s a Hyundai i40. I’ve seen several of them on the road and see no reason why getting the glass should be an issue. This isn’t a rare vehicle.

So far, the window has been broken for 4 weeks and I’m not confident it will be repaired any time soon.

The perspex would do a fine job of keeping the weather out if we were to get any rain but it doesn’t do a gret job of keeping the road noise out and once the car is approaching 50mph it starts to resonate and buzz and makes driving a quite unpleaseant experience. I’m not confident it would hold on a motorway given the additional rigours of draught from wagons and other heavy traffic while cruising at motorway speeds.

I use the vehicle for work, often requiring to shuttle down the motorway for 50 miles. I’ve had to postpone an awful lot of work and it just keeps stacking up.

In 10 days time I have a holiday booked which is going to involve around 4 hours of motorway driving. It can’t be done with the current state of the window. I would have to take A roads adding several hours onto an already long journey.

I have asked the insurance company if they would be willing to cover the cost of an equivalent hire vehicle should it not be repaired in time for the holiday. They seem to want to keep batting me back to Autoglass and won’t commit to providing a solution.

Am I being unreasonable? Is there a terminology I should be using to expedite such a solution? Do I have additional rights that the insurance company are keeping quiet about?

Any help appreciated.

Thanks, Mike.

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