Car insurance cancellation – they won’t let me.


I’ll be as quick as I can, I just could really use some advice please.

My husband had a car insurance policy with a well known company for many years which just auto renews every year.
He had a major stroke 4 years ago and when he came home after a very long stay in hospital it was deemed that he would never be able to drive again and had to surrender his licence.

I was named spouse on the policy and my husband was the policyholder and main driver. When I updated the insurance company of the above I then became sole driver and my husband isn’t on the policy at all other than it’s in his name. I also took over his NCB.

This insurance runs out in a few days time and we had an auto renewal of nearly £800. I have managed to shop around with companies who specialise in wheelchair adapted vehicles and can get a much better insurance for just under £400.

I rang to cancel the auto renewal today and she told me all was okay and I owed no monies, then she realised that my husband is the policyholder and he is the one who has to cancel.
I calmly and politely explained that my husband had a stroke, he can’t read, write, speak on the phone etc. I asked if I can get my husband to the phone and he can answer yes to the question “Do you want us to cancel the policy” would that suffice and was told “No-we will need him to answer other questions as well”
I asked so how do I get this policy cancelled – you need power of attorney – I don’t have power of attorney, I am an appointee for my husband from the DWP will that do. No _ you can see that this went round in circles, I spoke to a manager who told me exactly the same thing.

Please accept that things are difficult, raw sometimes, and sometimes I may lack common sense because of the above!
I appreciate that if it was easy for someone else to cancel an insurance policy on behalf of someone else people could be driving around without any insurance but in this instance they are not even insuring my husband but me. Surely common sense could prevail?

I have cancelled the direct debit on the say so of the manager but my questions are these – she told me they would still keep contacting me until I paid. Does that mean I will still be insured with them and will I curtail any default payments. She wouldn’t answer this. If I am still insured with them can I still take out the cheaper insurance above, I don’t think I can have two insurances for the same vehicle can I? and do I really need to get power of attorney to cancel a car insurance policy?

I am awaiting a phone call from doctor to decide if it should be power of attorney I need or if I have to be a deputy but either or will take months and any suggestions as to what I do in the meantime would be so very gratefully received.
Many thanks for reading all this.


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