Car insurance cancelled due to wrong occupation


As the title says my car insurance was cancelled due to my occupation bieng wrong.

3 weeks ago i took out car insurance with a broker Go skippy. I got insurance with them. However i had not changed my occupation on the comparison website. I had previously wrote down graphic designer. However when getting a new quote i didnt change this. A week later i got asked to prove my occupation details and i sent in my current employment letter without any issues. I then rang them to ask if they had received my email. Go skippy said that they need proof of graphic designer i said thats is an old job and it needs changing over. They said they will put me through the indemnity team which was Eldon insurance. Eldon insurance told me that this is not an issue because there was confusion and a small mistake on my side for not updating my comparison profile. She said that its not a big issue and that all they have to do is let the Underwritter Southern rock know and for them to update the details. I may have to pay or get a refund if the job title affects the premium. She said that it can take upto a week to update. This was 2 days ago.

I have just had an email from go skippy saying the underwriters have cancelled my policy. The office is now closed so i need to call tomorrow.

In this time while this was going on. My sister is the named driver and she drove into someone and wrote the car off. The other party is claiming injury and car repair. I am so stressed right now. I dont know what to do.

I spoke to the FSA and they said it is a bit extreme to cancel the policy over an occupation. He advised me to complain to Eldon and Go skippy and see what they say. If i am still not happy i will have to tell the FSA again.


P.s sorry if it is too much reading and grammer is terrible.


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