Car Insurance Cancelled Over 3 months ago



I think I’ve made a silly error and I’m wondering if there’s any way to rectify it.

I’ve been away travelling for work a lot since before Christmas and have come home this weekend to a letter telling me I needed to renew my car tax. Fine – I went online to pay and it gave me a message saying the car hasn’t been found on the insurance database and I need to get it insured. After a bit of trawling through letters I’ve amassed while away and checking my online banking it seems that because of a missed payment months ago my insurance policy was cancelled at the start of January.

I phoned the insurance company today to try and see what could be done but they said as it was over three months ago I’d need to register a SORN on the car if I wanted to open another policy (however they noted that their underwriter isn’t open today anyway as it’s a bank holiday).

Does anyone have experience of this? Is there anything I can possibly do?

I have the money so could pay off the remainder of the policy if they were to let me reinstate it. But is this not possible if it’s over 3 months ago?

I feel very stupid but had niavely thought that as I was registered online with them I would have got emailed about anything like this.

I haven’t been driving the car as have been away but I’ll definitely need it going forward.

Any advice or insights would be much appreciated.


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