Car Insurance – car damaged in crash then stolen


My fully comp’ed car was rear ended on the motorway last Tuesday (on the motorway) I reported the collision to the police, took many photographs of the damage on both vehicles and informed my car insurance company (along with notes about my passengers and subsequent medical treatment we received). It’s a 12 YO reasonably high-spec vehicle but the damage to the back was extensive and I was expecting it to be “written” off.

On Thursday my house was broken into and, amongst other things, my keys and car was stolen. This has become part of a wider investigation by the local cops and I also informed my car insurance company. Today I’ve had a representative from the insurers call me to inform me that from the images they received of the car’s damage it is effectively worthless at the time of the theft and according to the terms of my policy it had a nominal scrap value of £250 (to cover the excess). This, I can sort of, understand. But part of my fully comp policy is for £250 of “personal effects” in the car which includes my work safety glasses and some of my disabled son’s equipment. When I mentioned this to the agent he said that it would be better not to pursue this claim just to focus on the first and, that although my ncb is protected, having to tell insurance companies in the future that I had made two insurance claims it would be better if I didn’t pursue this claim, he would close it and focus on the first for damage.

Is that right?


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