Car insurance claim 15 months after damage


About 15 months ago my neighbour reversed in to my car, causing cosmetic damage to the bumper (I!!!8217;ve had quotes from £600-£800 for repair).
We have a good relationship; she admitted the damage, and put a note through the door (which I still have) apologising and taking responsibility for the repair. She asked to do it outside of the insurance, which I had no objections to at the time.
I!!!8217;ve shown them the quotes and asked her, and her husband, several times to progress !!!8211; they assured my they will, but nothing has moved on.
I!!!8217;m insured with the same company as I was when the damage occurred. Could I make a claim for this, or has too much time elapsed?
I don!!!8217;t want to ask my insurer yet, in case it will affect my premiums!



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