Car Insurance Claim / Accident Repairs


A few weeks back our neighbour reversed into the back of our car (Audi A4).

They informed their insurance company who agreed to supply us with a courtesy car while the bumper and one rear light is being replaced. A company from Manchester took our car away. Voicemail last week saying it would be ready by the end of that week.

Spoke to them yesterday and they now have no estimated time for when it will be ready. Basically, the bumper is an issue as the car is 10 years old and it is on back order but they have no idea how long it will take.

The courtesy car they have provided was fine as originally they said the repair should only take 2 weeks. However, this car is petrol, unlike our own car which was diesel. Fuel economy is actually 10 miles less to the gallon and so is costing us more in fuel.

Not really sure what our options are. Am I entitled to ask a local accident repair shop if they can fix it quicker? We wanted before the end of the summer to change that car for something newer which obviously we cannot trade it in if we don’t have it.


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