car insurance claim being pursued after it has been settled


WeI had an accident three years ago.It was with another car on a country lane that had no white lines down the centre of the road. AS rthere were no witnesses and the insurance investigator said due to it being a remote location advised us the settle for 50/50.
The car was written off and we got a personal injury claim settled as I was the passenger.
It took about a year to settle it but eventually in March 2016 it was all done.
Imagine my surprise when we got a letter last Saturday from the insurance company who represented us on this claim saying to contact them as the other party were now pursing them to reclaim the other 50%,At least that is what I think they ‘re saying. The letter is very confusing and we are to ring them tomorrow.They mention my husband as the driver may have to go to court if it gets that far.
How can this be still ongoing? As I understand it when we agreed to the 50/50 it was on the basis of full and final settlement. Any one got any ideas on what is going on here? Is our previous insurance company not done their job or is the other driver trying it on? and we did not cause this accident the other driver was at fault he turned into out car as we moved away from him to avoid the crash , Just for clarification


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