Car Insurance Claim- I’ve been Scammed! – need help


Hi All,

Currently feeling very stressed at the thought of how much money I might lose out of a potential scam. I’ll go through the details of what happened but if more detail is needed please do message as I need any sort advice anyone can provide.

So I had an accident in my private motor vehicle after work on July 2nd – I was pretty much stood still waiting to turn right in the middle of the road/ turning lane when a scooter went into the side of me. In the panic I just googled AXA and called an 0800 number – the phone was answered with just “Claims dept” and he proceeded to ask my details and essentially pretend he was from my insurance company by checking my details etc.

They then passed me over to Kindertons Accident management company and I just assumed that was how AXA worked. I needed a hire care at the time to get around so Kindertons provided that and had been processing the claim. Kindertons picked up my damaged car and undertook an engineers assessment and deemed my vehicle a total loss and sent me an estimate of how much the payout will be etc. Then towards the end of last week they informed me that they were having trouble getting the liability from the 3rd party and that I need to go back to my insurance company and transfer the claim back to them. I then spoke to AXA and they had no record of the claim. I then had to search through my call logs and realised that the number I had called on the day of the accident was a company called “The Accident Support Team”. So I explained what happened to my insurance company and they are now saying that they will have to treat it as a whole new claim and that they wont take on the cost for the hire car I have had for the last month and will have to do a whole new engineers assessment etc.

I am seriously worried and stressed out at the thought of having a huge bill for a hire car and other costs from Kindertons. I don’t know whether to take the claim off Kindertons straight away and go through the whole process with my insurance company or just leave it with Kindertons and tell them they have to proceed with the claim?

Any advice would be much apprecaited!


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