Car insurance claim not going through, HELP


Someone crashed into my car on the 1st of March when we had the bad weather. They didn’t leave a note and they just drove off. Luckily someone saw it and left a note asking me to call them.

I did so and was able to track down the offender because he’d followed them. I took photos of their damaged car and also got the number plate. I also left a note on their car asking them to call me.

They did after a few hours and we exchanged details such as names and insurance companies. I phoned mine up and gave them all the details that i had but i didn’t claim just yet. I considered filing a police report as the other driver drove off but i didn’t.

I spoke with my insurance on tuesday and they told me that they’ve tried to contact the offending party’s insurance but to no avail. They further said that they give the other party up to 90 days to respond but this is far too long as my car is lying there damaged and useless.

This is all upsetting and i’m starting to think that the person who smashed into me lied. How do i proceed with this further? There is evidence in the form of a witness who saw it all and also possibly some cctv footage.

How can i proceed further?



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