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Hi guys,

Not sure if you can help but just after some help/clarification on a current car accident claim.

My wife had an accident which wasn’t her fault while driving her dad’s car. There are 2 witnesses agreeing that the 3rd party was at fault and she was driving the car on her 3rd party access so the claim is being under her insurance.

We took the option not to have a courtesy car to be fair as another car was available but it turns out this has bitten us as we now have the damaged car lying around until liability has been confirmed and an assessor can be sent out. We’ve been advised that although the damage is cosmetic and involves a new bumper and headlamp, it will be ‘beyond economic repair’ and this is where I’ve had mixed answers.

Firstly the insurance company said that if this is the case and we are not at fault, then the car can still be repaired and full costs will be sent to the 3rd party so no costs to us. However the accident company who it’s been passed onto are now saying we would only get back possibly 65% of the value of the car and we would need to pay the difference.

This seems completely unfair when it was clearly not my wife’s fault and the car was perfectly fine before and now we need to pay out to get it fixed.


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