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I had an accident just over 12 months ago where I was at fault and bumped into the back of another car. I was insured with Prudential at the time.

My car was very cheap and was considered a write off which was processed as expected. I was given an amount minus the excess on the policy shortly after.

The car I hit was a fleet car and they have understandably been wanting damages paid from my insurance company. I haven’t had this problem before so I don’t know what is “normal” process. I had numerous threatening messages from their lawyers saying I wasn’t insured and threatening court action over the following few months, I told my insurer about these, scanned and emailed them including a full damages and loss of use report etc. Finally the letters stopped and in October I was advised it was sorted by my insurer.

Today I have had a letter from Opus claim solutions (dated 22nd May) advising they have sent my file to the solicitors and are starting county court proceedings due to their clients claim for damages remaining unresolved (under section 152 of road traffic act). I have received nothing from anyone for over 6 months. There is no mention of what the amount is of the costs in this letter.

I have contacted my insurers and they confirmed payment was sent on 30th October and have also received a similar letter. They say they will look into it.

I have no idea why this has suddenly reared up and no clue what happens now and what should I be doing? How do county court proceedings work? will this now be on my credit file, or do I receive more information? Do I have to go to court? How long do these things take?

My insurer advised not to contact the claims place and I get that as i don’t have any understanding of how lawyer speak works and would in all fairness be easy to bamboozle. But equally am not a fan of the unknown and would like some idea of timescales/reassurance/advice.

Thanks for reading my rambles, any knowledge would be helpful, thank you.


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