Car insurance claiming for malicious damage


Just wanted to find out if anyone has had experience in claiming for malicious damage on their car insurance on the forum.

Unfortunately my car as well as others, were targeted in the area and severely damaged by way of scratches which are in no way possible to remove, and requires a professional paint job as the scratches are deep and also across the body of the car.

My one experience of making a non fault claim increased my premium by 40% 10 years ago. I didn’t claim as there was No damage but simply informed my then insurer that a 3rd party reversed into my then vehicle, in case they made a claim.

My current insurer (one of the major insurers) doesn’t explicitly define if such damage is covered under my comprehensive policy.

I’d like to know if this would be of detrimental impact or if I should just stump up a hefty sum for the repair. I’m also in the process of switching insurers as my policy with the current one expires in 7 days and their renewal is more expensive than their major competitors.

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