Car Insurance – (Testname vs Real)


I ran a quote online with two details all of which are the same, the only difference is the name,
Name 1 = Testname Vo
Name 2 = My real name

For some reason Testname gets a cheaper quote by £100 each time. I am very surprised that a name can add so much to a quote.

The only thing I can assume is that when it hits on the credit report it increases the premium, but I know my credit report is excellent, low mortgage and low credit card debt. Where as testname won’t have a credit report.

When I amend the testname quote at LV’s website with my real name it increases the premium to the quote I was given when I was using my real name plus an additional £2.

I queried this with the member of staff at LV and there response was you need to use your real name and details else its fraud but couldn’t answer why a made up name with same details the premium is more.

Has anyone found this when creating quotes? Is there a logic of a name increasing a premium, so a twin with the name Dave would have a higher premium then a Matt.


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