Car insurance doubled at 25


I am looking to downsize car as my circumstances have changed and every insurance quote I get is through the roof!

Am currently driving a 59 plate 3 series BMW (please don’t judge, I drive nicely) fully comp insurance premium for the year: £660ish

Got my eye on: 56 plate 1.4 auto VW Polo quotes so far in the region of £700-900 and beyond!

I am 25 years old with a full, clean licence, which I’ve held for over 8 years, no claims or convictions. 5 years NCD. I owned a Polo when I was 17yo it was around £700 a year fully comp. I’ve tried all the obvious tweaks with the comparison/insurance websites: adding removing named drivers etc to no avail. Still receiving ridiculous quotes.

My questions are: why am I receiving quotes at the same price and higher on the same model car as when I was 17? Why is it cheaper for me to be insured on a bmw than a polo?! Aren’t insurance premiums supposed to be cheaper for 25yo with squeaky clean driving record? Has this happened to anyone else?

To put it in perspective a friend of mine pays £350 for the year on a (albeit slightly newer model) 1.4 polo. We are the same age, he hasn’t been driving for as long as me. My gf (with whom I share an address) drives my old polo and pays £400 for the year. Am I doing something wrong on these comparison sites lol!

I’ve also got quotes for clios, corsas etc cheap to run low maintenance cars still in the region of £700-900 for the year

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Rant over for now


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