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My wife called our car insurer to add another driver and it was then mentioned that I had 5 points that I had forgotten to declare last year. The insurance company told my wife that they would cancel the policy within 14 days or we should provide the correct offence details and then they would adjust the premiums. I have supplied the correct details of points and now they are telling my wife that they want nearly £300 each (two cars insured) back pay and only then will they give us an idea of what our premiums will be going forward. I have gone online and conducted a search adding all points that we both have and also added that we have had insurance cancelled and the quotes I get back are only a few £ more per car than we are paying now. Is the current company attempting bully tactics to get the £600 from us? are they entitled to claim back pay? this was a genuine mistake that is obvious by the fact that we openly talked about it when trying to add someone to our policy. We have not attempted to make any form of claim and then been found out. My personal opinion after reading a few articles is to let them cancel the policy and open a new policy with someone else and ensure that we are transparent. Opinions please…..


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