Car insurance guru’s, please help!


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Got a few questions, any help is greatly appreciated

I am going to go through Tesco Bank car insurance as its the best quoted price, currently I am with direct line and they have offered a renewal at £620, and Tesco are offering £536 with £40 cashback, so just under £500.

My issue is that I have to go direct with Tesco to get the cashback however I have 3 years no claims as I had a booster option with my first year insurance for 10 months insurance with 1 years no claims, Tesco wont accept this directly (but will on price comparison websites) so I have to put 2 years no claims although I have 3 years, will this mean when it comes to renew my policy and if i decide to go elsewhere Tesco will only quote i have 3 years no claims instead of 4? Or does it not work like that.

EDIT – Reason they wont accept is because I havent held my licence for 3 years, I have held for 2 years and 10 months or something like that but I have 3 years no claims

Also, I work for a credit card company collecting debt for people who havent paid, my job title doesnt really come up, i work on the phones however if i put call centre staff it boosts the price up by £100 and if i put credit controller it comes up at a much better price, similar roles though however, do you think this would cause an issue?

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