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My partner of 20 years has been driving for about 15 years. He has only ever been a named driver on our insurance ( I’ve been main driver on 2 cars ) .

He had an accident and wrote the car off. Loosing all the no claims on that car as they were not protected.

I have 9+ years in my other car. (VW UP)

We are about to get a new car ( Aldi A4 Avent) the insurance for him as the main driver without no claims discount is over £100. A month.

My question is. … can I swap and be the main driver on the Audi taking my 9 years no claims. And he become the main driver in the other car with no claims. As it’s a VW up will be cheaper to insure. The Audi could be registered in either name. As we haven’t purchased it yet.

We will both be driving both car.


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