Car Insurance HELP, written off car still paying insurance is that right??


So i had a crash in March and it was not my fault up till this point its still being disputed so there is no official blame, but the third party have also issued out my written off car scrapage value and in the process of my injury claim going through. No my main question is even though they havent admitted liability yet but paid this out my OLD insurance on the wrecked car are forcing me to pay my premium as i paid by monthly DD they refuse to cancel it as im still waiting on liability. So i have this payment going out for no reason with no car on it and a second insurance going out for my NEW car which is also on finance. Its a lot of money to be going out an i have never heard of them forcing you too still pay out on a account with no car on it its pointless.

Are they allowed to do this or is this purely money for there own back pocket? I am going to CAB tomorrow to ask as well because they had also messed up the date to take remaining payments and made me go into an overdraft without using my savings account. Can anyone here give some advice please

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