Car insurance – Liability dispute after accident


I wonder if anyone can advise on a dispute I’m currently having after an insurance claim following a minor car collision.
I was subject to a rear end collision while stationary at some traffic lights, by a car which inexplicably steered from the adjacent left hand lane into the rear left corner of my car.. While I was proactive in obtaining the third party details, photographing damage and reporting it to my insurance company immediately, I unfortunately failed to capture specific car positions or any witnesses.
Despite offering detailed and consistent accounts to my insurer, they now feel that they don’t have sufficient evidence to hold the third party fully to account, wanting to offer a 50/50 settlement which I fully resent and dispute. What’s more, the third party representative has now denied all and any responsibility, and wishes to hold me 100% to blame. I don’t have the full third party account but the indication is that they have lied and allege that I was changing lanes into their path. I obviously cannot force the hand of my insurer, and have made it explicitly clear that I dispute their decision and the allegation of the third party; I have no wish to lose 11 years no claims and a £300 excess for something I had nothing to do with.
So, what options do I have? Will employing the services of a solicitor potentially improve my position, or do I risk exposure to further costs with little chance of success?


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