Car insurance makes no sense to me


Hi everyone!

Bit of background:

I’m 28, got my licence in December 2017. My husband is 34, got his licence some 15-16 years ago. He hasn’t had a car for some time, so no NCB for either of us. We’ve been looking to buy a car, found a nice used one, and tried out some quotes online.

We tried a few combinations, and as expected, the cheapest was to make him the owner, the policy holder and the main driver, with me as a named driver. Price quoted was around 580, which taking everything into consideration wasn’t bad.

Day after these quotes, this quote (GoSkippy) went up to 1100, with the new cheapest now being Admiral at about 880 (although the day before they were around 720)

What could be the reasoning for this? We used the same data, same car, same everything. Could it be because we tried to get too many quotes while juggling around best combinations in terms of owners, drivers and best fitting job titles? Or there’s simply no logic behind it?

Thanks in advance!


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