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Hi Everyone,

I’m after a bit of advice please. I have my car insurance with LV. Today, I used the online chat to let them know I’ve changed my address. I moved 60 seconds down the road from my old address (which is 60 seconds further away from the nearest town that could be considered remotely dodgy – it’s a lovely area). They want to charge me an additional £299 because apparently my new postcode has a higher crime rating than my old postcode! I ran the statistics myself online and the new postcode has a lower crime rating. I asked to be put on to a supervisor or manager. They refused. They said they had to put through the change today or my policy would be invalid. Apparently I have 7 days to find alternative cover and cancel or start paying an increased monthly premium. I asked to make an official complaint and was told someone would be in touch. I’m not holding my breath.

Any suggestions?? The annoying fact is, they remain the cheapest, so going elsewhere is false economy. But I’m absolutely livid that there is no justification for this increase and I feel like I’m being fleeced


Emergency fund £435.09/£1000

L.B.M. 21/09/2016 DEBTS = £30,854.38 09.08.2017 DEBTS = £12,380.09


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