Car Insurance – multicar policy


hi all

me and my sister were on a mulitcar policy with Admiral. One night a van hit my sisters stationary parked car which pushed her car back into mine! Her car was qutie badly damaged but mine just had a small scratch.

She called up admiral to make the claim and mentioned she had hit my car. Admiral then asked if i was claiming to which i said i wasnt.

Flashforward 8 months, me and my sister no longer live together, she has got a new quote elsewhere for insurance this year for quite cheap considering she has an accident on her record still (she is 30 years old living in Basildon now). when it came to me getting a quote i couldnt do my insurance online. i called Admiral and they said there is a claim on your file – i told them the circumstances that i hadnt claimed, my sister had been in an accident and hit my car but the damage was so little i didnt need to claim. she said this increases the price anyway!! i am 28, 8 years no claims bonus, my quote went from £600 to £965!!

What i am having difficulty understanding is how my sisters price is so cheap considering her accidents and half NCB that i have compared to my insurance quote this year? Hers increased less even though she made a claim?

Any help would be greatly appreciated?


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