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Hi everyone,

About 2 years ago I had a minor accident in a car park. Reported everything to the insurance and a few days later they informed me the other driver was trying to claim on the policy so I submitted my evidence (in my opinion he was at fault) and they said they would work it out.

A few months later having heard no information on the progress I emailed them asking for an update and they replied they were still processing it and would inform me of the outcome.

About 3 more months passed and the policy came up for renewal. The insurer sent me my renewal and proof of no claims for that year. I rang them up asking again about the claim and they said it was again still in process and they would tell me the outcome when they knew. I asked them how this could affect the no claims they just gave me proof of and they said that could be withdrawn later if it was found against me but they would let me know.

I found a cheaper quote elsewhere (telling them I had a claim with insurer A in progress) and used the NCB for them and they accepted it.

It has now been a year since then and my renewal is coming up and Insurer B has sent me proof of NCB for this year.

My question is do I now have 2 years NCB? Insurer A never wrote, called or emailed me in the past year to inform me of the outcome of the claim. Nor did they tell me if they were revoking the 1st years NCB or not.

I am asking because I want to switch insurer again (Insurer C) and have no idea what to tell them. On paper, as far as I know I have 2 years NCB but what if they revoked it and never told me and 6 months down the line Insurer C claims I knew and cancels my policy or something?

Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance.


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