Car insurance – No Claims Discount


Really stumped in finding details on this so hopefully you can help.

I previously leased a car (Car A) for 2 years which went back in Sept 2017. In the lead up to that date I bought another car (Car B) in June 2017. So for a period of 4 months I had 2 cars.

By the time i had returned Car A to the lease company i had 2 years no claims on it.

I’ve recently renewed Car B’s insurance and assumed that I could use the 2 years NCD I had accrued on Car A, as well as the 1 year I had just completed on Car B, for a total of 3 years No Claims Discount.

The new insurer on Car B have now said that I cannot pool the No Claims earned on two different vehicles onto 1 car. Apparently it is a practice known as “clubbing” and is an industry standard. I’ve tried searching the internet for details on this definition but can’t find anything!

Q1. Is what they’ve told me accurate, and what they’ve done is standard industry practice?

Q2. If they are correct and clubbing is not allowed – can I use the 2 years NCD I earned on Car A or do I have to use the 1 year I earned on Car B?

Thanks in advance for the help!


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