Car insurance, not my car..


Does anyone know of an online company i can use to buy car insurance from? When the car is not my car. I want to learn to drive, it will be my cousins car, not my own car, he will be teaching me once a week, for 1 hour at most. I’ve tried several online insurers but towards the end they are all asking question for my car, when its not my car, its someone elses (my cousins). So far i’m getting £1,000 a year insurance quotes, when i’m only going to be driving the car 1 hour a week max. The car itself was bought for £1,000, many years ago ffs!!

I cannot afford the rip off prices of the local driving instructors so i need my cousin to show me, then after a while, i can go to a local drivng instructor, when i know how to drive. So it doesn’t cost me a bomb.


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