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Hi everyone, I took out car insurance at the same time as I ‘started’ a new job. I’d been having trouble with the company, I signed lots of forms I thought was a contract but apparently was not. They then called me a while later to say they’d made a mistake and actually there was only work available for me if I got a car (it’s a support worker job). Long story short, they were timewasters.

But, I took out insurance and put that I was employed as a support worker because of it. I’ve been unemployed since (unknowingly!) but I’m attending interviews for other support worker jobs.

I’m worried because, should I update my occupation as unemployed? Or do I just leave it, since I’ll be getting another support worker job anyway? But the issue with that is that it says I’ve been in that job for longer than I actually would have been.

Sorry this is so long, any replies much appreciated


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