Car Insurance – Other Party Breaching Terms of Insurance

Cutting a long story short…

Had a road incident that went to court. The other party said they would represent themselves in court, then didn’t show up, so we won as it was a no contest.

Their insurance company is now saying they aren’t covering the claim as it they say he’s no longer insured if he’s representing himself.

Does anyone know what recourse we have with this? The solicitors we were provided from the insurance company don’t seem to be contesting this at all, despite agreeing with us that it’s very shaky ground the other insurer is walking on. I thought that they would pay the claim (only a few thousand) and then sue the other party if necessary to claim back their costs. Legally, isn’t the insurance company obliged to shoulder responsibility?

But what about how legal this was in the first place? I can’t understand how an insurance company is so readily allowed to renege their obligations like this. What if there was catastrophic damage or personal injury? Isn’t the legal obligation for everyone to have vehicle insurance meant to prevent this kind of thing happening?

It might not matter in any way, but the original claim was filed in court under a business (it was a business van that hit us), which was then changed to an individual as the business had gone bust.

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