Car Insurance Pay Out (sit tight its a long read)


Back in February this year I was involved in RTA that wasn’t my fault, I was rear ended and the driver of the other vehicle accepted fault immediately, however due to my injuries and being huckled away in an ambulance, I was unable to retrieve the third parties details.

When I contacted my insurer, Eldon insurance, they told me that because I didn’t have the other drivers details, they would have to start a claim using my policy and when they received the police report from the accident they would then chase up the remaining money from the third-party insurance.

Following this I was told I would be awarded full payout of the value of the vehicle that was listsd on the policy l, as it was a write off, of £1250.

However they deducted the excess of £550 plus the outstanding balance of the policy totalling £312, meaning I only received a cheque for £388. On top off that I had to pay £300 to retrieve my car from the recovery yard as my insurance claimed their “inspectors” don’t do that.

As I have a personally injury claim underway, my Lawyer informed me that the police report had been released and he would proceed to speak the third party insurers, he then informed me they were accepting full liability. I thought “great I’ll get the rest of the £1250 plus the release fee back”

I contacted my insurance explained that I was aware that the police report had been made available (which they confirmed on the phone) and when would I expect to recieve the remaining sum of monies owed. I was then told by the gentleman on the phone that my Personal Injury Lawyer would be dealing with that. I spoke to my Lawyer and he said that, at best, he would be dealing with the fee from the recovery yard.

I spoke with a couple of friends and colleagues and they all had the same feeling/answer that this was wrong, my insurance deals with the claim of money for the car and the lawyer deals with injuries only.

Is this correct?

It’s also worth noting I lost my job because I was injured with torn ligaments in my back across 4 vertebrae caused in the accident and have no vehicle to travel the 53 mile each way commute.

Where do I stand and how can I move forward, as funds are getting low.


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