Car Insurance premium refund after claim settled after 2 years


Hi all,

I had a claim in March 2016 where a driver reversed into my car. We exchanged details and I claimed through my insurer at the time, Endsleigh.

Even though I took a recording of our conversation where the third party admitted liability and also confirmed this on a recorded phone call to my insurer, he later changed his mind and disputed the claim along with putting in a personal injury claim for himself and someone who wasn’t even in the car! I lost my 3 years NCD while this was being disputed and had my car written off.

This eventually went to court in December 2017 where it was postponed due my evidence (they were considering trailing the third party for dishonestly if he wanted to continue his claim) and later in March/April 2018 I had this confirmed at not my fault and my NCD reinstated. So now I am looking to recover my increase in premiums from my subsequent insurers.

I have since been with 3 different insurers, 1st Central between 2016/17, Diamond from 2017/18 and now with Churchill. I think its important to note that my policy with Endsleigh expired in April 2016.

I have contacted Endsleigh this week, who dealt with the claim, to claim uninsured losses for my increase in premiums since the claim as I had to put down that I had 3 years fewer NCD and a pending claim. They have more or less brushed my off and told me to contact my insurers. My current insurers, Churchill, are processing this now whereas 1st Central and Diamond have told me (in my opinion quite rightly so) that the details were correct at the time of the policy and I am not due a refund from them.

I have asked Endsleigh whether recovering this increase is part of the claim and I am not really getting a clear answer. I have been told today that the claim is still open as they still have some costs to recover.

I’d really appreciate it if anyone cloud advise me if I am even able to recover increased premiums that have expired and if I can, how I go about this and who I may need to contact.

Thanks in advance!



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