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Hey everyone,

Just looking for some advice.

I’m living with my mother at the moment, its just us 2 for the time being.

I recently bought a car on Finance, the insurance is in my mothers name and I am the keeper of the vehicle on the V5. (this was done due to me having a company car and she will have the car within her possession for the majority of the day, I will use the car in the evenings as my company car has limited mileage).

My worry is, with so many keyless cars getting nicked etc etc, have I insured the car legally?

Is there any chance of a rejected claim in the event the car is stolen, the finance being in my name and the main driver being my mum? (we live at the same address and share the same surname).

When I insured the car the insurer never asked as to who is the keeper and owner of the car on there website.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.



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