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Hi all. I’m in need of advice regarding car insurance.

I’ve been driving 2 years. I had 1 years NCD. Last year someone wrote my car off and my insurer wouldn’t Insure me on my new vehicle so I lost 6 months NCD. I got paid out through 3rd party insurer and insured my car through a different insurer (was a bomb due to declaring write off even though I didn’t claim through my insurance)

Last week I crashed my car so I’m having to make a claim on my insurance as I was at fault ( looking at a total loss) so it looks like I’ve lost the 1 years NCD I had.

I’ve been looking for a new car and have been getting insurance quotes just to test the water and they’re all coming up more than what the car is worth!

Are there any insurers that dealer with this kind of work? I’m 100% changing my insurers as my current 1 is absolutely useless, since having the accident I’ve had 0 correspondence from them and they actually ‘lost my car’ for a few days until I had to dig around and get the recovery number! Also I’m being charged whilst it’s sat in a garage doing nothing and having to pay 2x recovery costs to 2 different garages even though I paid for recovery through my insurance.

Could someone please help me as I feel like I’m being ripped off big time!


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