Car insurance renewal: ‘Open incident’ has suspended my no claims discount


3 months ago I had about a 1 mile an hour ‘touch’ between my car and another car (in front of mine) in a traffic queue. The other driver wanted to exchange details. When I got home I called my insurer to be on the safe side, and in case some fabricated claim was later submitted. I checked and was told this wouldn’t affect my renewal unless there was a claim. And I thought nothing more of it.

Fast forward three months and I’m shopping around for new car insurance (after Admiral tried to increase our two car multi-car policy by 85%!) – when I discover that there is an ‘incident’ on my records. And also discover that my 21 years no claims record now says just 3 years.

Admiral tell me that, although the other driver never contacted them, me having contacted them has created an ‘open incident’ which will remain open for six months. And until then my no claims discount is ‘suspended’. (Although why it’s then 3 years not 0 years also makes no sense).

To add insult to injury, my new insurer – although beating Admiral – says it can’t protect my ‘3 years’ no claims, and if Admiral will issue new proof of 21 years no claims after the six months have elapsed they’ll refund me the difference between the current quote and what it should have been, BUT they won’t then allow me to protect 21 years. The only way to do that will be to cancel ‘in year’, get a refund, and then take out fresh insurance with protected discount.

Just more evidence of the many tricks the insurance industry uses against law-abiding, rule-following consumers. Is this a known phenomenon? One that MSE or anyone else is campaigning on? Otherwise, this is just a rant. Unless anyone can advise on other ways to challenge all this?



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