Car Insurance renewal during ongoing claim



My car has been recently damaged during some flooding in my area. We have put a claim in with the insurance company who have arranged for a garage to have a look at the vehicle, but advised that it is probably a total loss.

The insurance policy has now expired and we do not wish to renew the policy as if is going to be a total loss it will be a waste of a year’s insurance. Our current insurance company have advised that the claim is still being processed but we no longer have a policy active.

The car is currently parked on a private road at our property and will be collected by a truck and taken to the garage which I assume will also be parked on private property. The garage has said that we won’t have a response until early next week to advise us what work will be required, or if it is a total loss.

Would you be able to advise if I need to take out a new policy (either full policy / temporary insurance) until I hear from the garage about the outcome of their investigation?

Many Thanks


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