Car insurance renewal – Up £400?


Hi guys,

I received my car insurance renewal for the year yesterday. It was £600 last year fully comp, the renewal quote has come through at over £1,000! A £400 increase which was shocking. I mean normally they’re a little bit more expensive but it’s like they’re not even trying to keep us this year.

Can you let me know if you think the below would have had any impact? Earlier this year, whilst my car was parked outside work, a customer scraped along one of the panels whilst trying to park their car. The customer came inside and admitted what they’d done straight away. We had the damage fixed through her car insurance company, she admitted full liability and autoglass came out to us to repair the panel on our drive.

I have two questions on the back of this

1) Do you think this incident would have contributed to the increased renewal quote for the year, and if so do you think it would have added £400+ onto our insurance? Our no claims remains unchanged and technically we have’t claimed on our insurance.

2) On price comparison websites, there is a question which reads “

Have you had any motor accidents, claims or losses in the past 5 years, no matter who was at fault or if a claim was made? ” Historically I’ve always answered this question as a no but do I now need to answer yes for this question this year?

I always like to do things above board so any advice from someone with knowledge of car insurance is much appreciated.

Many thanks!!


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