Car insurance renewed without renewal invite or confirmation of renewal.


Hi all,

Just looking for a bit of advice on where i stand here.

Initial disclosure: my policy was a 10 month policy with Admiral and i should have been aware of the renewal date.

Its been a bit of a hectic year and, due to some rubbish maths on my part, i thought my renewal date was in early August and not June.

As a result i was expecting my 21 day renewal invite to be coming in around about now and sure enough i got some probing e-mails from some of the aggregate sites enquiring about my renewal.

My policy is handled 100% online, i don’t have any physical docs sent out and any correspondence is sent by e-mail. so there is no chance the docs have got ‘lost on transit’, i even received an e-mail from them only last week, but it was more of a general marketing kind of thing rather than related to my policy.

I renewed last year and i received the renewal invite via e-mail in a timely manner and then the confirmation of renewal when it went through.

This year is a different story, no renewal invite and no confirmation of renewal, i hadn’t noticed the money going out (one lump, annual sum) as its taken from a savings account.

I was hoping to take out a 12 month policy this time around so my renewal is mid year.

The renewal price that has been taken is around £900 (my postcode sucks for getting insurance) for a 10 month policy whereas i’ve been able to find a 12 month quote for £750, which i would much rather go with.

What are my chances of getting a pro-rata refund (i accept that i’ve been driving under the cover for a month now) considering the lack of notification on Admirals part.

Many thanks for your assistance.


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