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My car was recently stolen and I’m having a bit of a nightmare.

To keep it short I will bullet point the facts:

Car was photographed at my work address as it was to be put up for sale.

Car was parked outside work. Key placed on desk to left side of computer in my office. Car is a weekend car and has it’s own key ring.

Car stolen with ease that night (CCTV)

Next morning, car noticed missing and reported to police.

Next morning I dig out the spare keys from home and bring to work. I notice the blades on the keys look different. I take the keys to BMW dealer who confirm the spare key is for my car, but the other is for another car, same kind of car but not mine, hence keys look very similar.

I went through CCTV and the only time anyone in the period between my car being parked up and it being stolen is that evening, by someone who i considered a good friend and was actually helping me with work that night. Footage does not show him handling the key as it’s seen from so far away but looks dodgy as you like and is very feasible. This was four hours before car stolen.

There is lots more but that’s what matters, the police are reluctant to act as they say it’s all circumstantial. I have since had my interview with my insurers and explained everything to them in the same way I have the police (I have no choice, they will get the police report).

Now this person is someone I know well and trust, or at least used to. The key was not visible from outside the office, and he was in my office because i trust him enough to be in here alone, he in fact used to work for me until January this year and left on good terms. I don’t allow just anyone in the office on their own.

Insurers have advised 8 weeks to investigate. Am I likely to get paid out or do you think I might get done under the unattended keys clause?


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