Car Stolen MOT out of date by 2+ weeks Insurance Refusing to pay a penny


Hi there,
My car was stolen on the 20th may 2018, I was in bed with my girlfriend when there was a knock at 1am in the morning. Grandmother was hesitant to open the door but as they kept knocking she answered and they burst through the door knocking her down and took my car keys and before i had the chance to get down the stairs near them they was in the car and half way up the street in my car.
It gets worse….

After police was informed and car was reported stolen I had to call the insurance, three days later insurance sent me an Email saying that my MOT was 2+ weeks out of date and that they would not be paying me a single penny as they was not entitled to do so as I don’t have a valid MOT. I am usually on the ball getting my car sorted but this year I genuinely had the dates mixed up and made a mistake. My car was an Audi S3 2014 plate, which i worked very hard for for a good few years in work to save up for. It was valued at 24 thousand pounds and for them to tell me I will not be getting a penny has sent me into a very fragile state of mind. I was wondering if anybody on here had any advice on how to tackle this situation as I’m very confused on how to go about it.

I have been rejected by insurance three times now and I’ve been in touch with the financial ombudsman over it and they have told me to send my insurance an email in to why i disagree with their decision on not to pay me out. I have done that and i am now awaiting for the financial ombudsman to step in.

My car insurance go skippy gave me a courtesy car for 2 weeks then took it back off me as they decided i was not going to be getting paid out, So i have now got no car and i am being told i will not be getting paid out as they carry on taking direct debits out of my bank account for car insurance even though i have no car.

The car was taxed and insured just 2+ weeks out of date on MOT.
Sorry for going on i am just extremely nervous as it took me a lot of hard work and commitment to save up such an amount for my dream car.

Do i have a case?
thank you to everybody who takes time out of their day to send me a reply.

Kind regards

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