Car was impounded due to having no car insurance.


I was driving my partners car today when I was pulled over by the police. He escorted me to his car and told me I have no insurance. I stated I did have insurance, he then pointed to a computer screen just showing my partners name, and not mine.

He then proceeded to ask for my keys, advised the car would be impounded and I would get a letter with a 300 pound fine and 6 points, and sent me on my 3 mile walk home.

I eventually got home, got in my own car and drove to my partners work to take her to the police station with all her documents so she could find out where her cars being held. On arrival the police stated that I was infact insured on her car.

They did state that an old insurance company of my partners still seemed to have a policy in place… we rang them up and they confirmed their must have been a glitch on the system, so in effect my partner had two policy running at once.

However in my mind, and the insurance companies this doesn’t negate me being insured on her car, and it isn’t illegal to have two policies. The police over the phone are suggesting its the insurers fault, and that they won’t pay the impound cost.

I am picking up the car tomorrow morning and looking at a charge of 200 pounds.

Any thoughts on who is liable?


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