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I need some advice. Over the last few months this is the third time I have had someone try to fraudulently use my card. It seems as if someone has possibly managed to get ahold of details of all of my cards because one by one each one had to be blocked.

Previously it happened to both my debit cards. The first time the person managed to get some transactions go through. The second time all the transactions were blocked.

Today it was my credit card that got used on Deliveroo twice totalling £94 which my bank (Halifax) declined. Since this happened so late I wasn’t able to speak to their fraud team. I haven’t used this card recently online and have only used it instore to places like Tesco, Sainsburys etc. I can’t figure out how someone got the card details. I was always careful before but have been even more so recently since having been targeted so many times. Has this happened to anyone else? And how did their details get stolen?

I don’t understand why the bank can’t just contact Deliveroo and get the address of where the items were supposed to be delivered to.


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