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Good morning,

I would really appreciate some help regarding an insurance company called Castelan Group.

I purchased insurance with them, via Argos, for my bed which has recently fallen apart. They have accepted it as accidental damage; or a structural defect, they weren’t clear, and have admitted that due to repair costs being too high they would prefer to settle my claim with vouchers towards a replacement.

However, the amount of replacement vouchers they have offered me is lower than the original price of the bed and lower still than it would cost for me to purchase a like for like replacement.

They have insisted that they are offering me a lower payout because during the purchase process I used a discount code, so they are reducing my claim amount by the same discounted amount.

I asked why this wasn’t in their terms and conditions to which the (abhorrent and rude) representative replied – “Because nobody really uses discount codes.”

By this logic, if I had reduced the purchase cost to £0 using codes, coupons, gift cards etc, my insurance payout would also be £0.

Is this normal practice because it seems utterly bizarre!


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