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As hackers steal details of 380,000 BA customers, we step inside Britain’s cyber security HQ

The recent data breach at British Airways saw hackers steal the financial details of 380,000 customers.  It is the latest in a maelstrom of cyber attacks that are spreading computer viruses and installing malware to plunder bank accounts and make ransom demands. The Mail on Sunday gained exclusive access to the secret service’s National Cyber […]

JEFF PRESTRIDGE: The Isa market is broken despite a strong financial picture… and that’s shameful

Although the country may be in a better place than many imagined it would be ten years ago when a wicked financial crisis threatened to bring down the banking system, there have been plenty of losers. Step forward the country’s savers who depend upon the interest from their various deposit accounts and Cash Isas to […]

Why wealthy homebuyers love a rectory: The classic British village homes in hot demand

 Rectories have a certain romance. Some of our best known authors — Jane Austen, John Betjeman, Alfred Lord Tennyson, A. A. Milne and the Bronte sisters lived for a time in one. Though not always in great comfort. The Old Rectory in Farnborough, Berkshire, where Betjeman lived, for example, had no electricity, mains drainage or […]

Gone fishing: How to track down the ideal riverside property for anglers 

 Fishing is not a glamour sport but thanks to the BBC2 series, Gone Fishing, which followed comedians Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse on their fishing trips, we all know it’s fun — and comedy gold. Perhaps that’s why living alongside rivers is so popular. Such homes command high prices — especially if you’re on one […]

Bank not Adhering to the Visa Core Rules

Hi All I have found out that a bank is not adhering to the Visa Core Rules. I want to take them to court regarding this. I have a solicitor involved who agrees with me. Anyone else come across this? Source link

Legal Cover Insurance – Forums

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credit owed to me – Forums

Hi all, im after some advice please. My parents who are both in their eighties had a Tesco credit card. My dad used this card to pay for his car insurance,. For what ever reason several monthes later the insurance company decided they had overcharged my dad for his car insurance and refunded around 80 […]

Amazon Mastercard – Forums

Hi Folks, I am considering taking out the Amazon MasterCard offer to avail of the bonus and ongoing cash back. I use Microsoft Money for all my backing and am heavily reliant on the ability to download statements directly into Money. Al my banks (Barclays / Halifax) offer the ability to download statements in MS […]

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Mortgage Life Insurance Void? – Forums

Hello, I found out yesterday that my mum has been paying for mortgage life insurance with Scottish Provident. She has been paying into this for maybe 20 years. I know that my Mum remortgaged the house about 15 years ago. Surely this would void the policy right? I’m concerned that she has been paying into […]

Former boss of Australian insurance group named as Lloyd’s of London’s chief executive

Former boss of Australian insurance group named as Lloyd’s of London’s chief executive By City & Finance Reporter for the Daily Mail Published: 21:55, 7 September 2018 | Updated: 21:55, 7 September 2018 The former boss of an Australian insurance group has been named as Lloyd’s of London’s chief executive. John Neal will take over […]

MARKET REPORT: Investors flee IAG after hackers steal credit card details of BA passengers

Investors fled airline owner IAG after hackers stole the credit card details of hundreds of thousands of British Airways passengers. Shares slumped as bosses admitted criminals had pinched enough information about customers’ credit card details to use them. British Airways faces a possible £500m fine over the data breach which affects 380,000 cards, as well […]

£3.8bn wiped off Tesla as two bosses quit and Elon Musk shown smoking what appeared to be marijuana

As much as £3.8bn wiped off value of Tesla after two executives quit and boss Elon Musk shown smoking what appeared to be marijuana By City & Finance Reporter for the Daily Mail Published: 21:56, 7 September 2018 | Updated: 21:56, 7 September 2018 As much as £3.8 billion was wiped off the value of […]

ALEX BRUMMER: Wembley experience is depressing so FA proposal to ditch it sounds attractive

The stalking of Wembley Stadium by Shahid Khan, Pakistani-American owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars American team, has been greeted with howls of protest. Wembley is treated as if it were a Big Ben-style national treasure when plainly it is not. For most of its existence (1923-99), Wembley was in private hands and football was a […]