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0% interest bagatelle

Hi Guys – looking for help. Here goes; I have 4 credit cards A, B, C and D Card A has a balance of £6258 and a limit of £8500. It currently attracts 0% interest but that will end next month. They will offer 20 months interest free on any balance transfers with a 3% […]

Asda Money Cashback card changing to vouchers

Sorry if this has already been posted, but one of my cards is the Asda Money credit card (the 1% cashback in Asda, 0.5% elsewhere). Currently any cashback earnt is credited against my account for the following month Out of the blue I received a letter yesterday saying that the method of cashback redemption was […]

Section 75 on cancelled credit card?

Hi A quick query. I have a couple of old cards that I should now cancel as they are not being used. However almost 2 years ago I purchased my new car and put the deposit on one of the cards (£500 deposit on a £18k car) There are currently no issues with the car […]

Interest rate hike rejection rules

Hi, If a CC provider increases your rate, I am aware that you can choose to cancel the account, and continue to pay balance at existing rate. Does this mean that the account would show as being defaulted on your credit file, even if you maintained at least minimum payments. ? Source link

Interest on a credit card

Hi everyone Need some help. A friend loaned me £2600 off his credit card. I’ve since paid that back. But now he is telling me there is still £1200 interest still outstanding. I loaned the money in September and paid the £2600 off his card in February. Could anyone help and advise if the interest […]

Can I Withdraw A Credit From A Credit Card For Free?

I received a refund to my credit card. I had nil balance so my balance is now a credit of £250. Will there be a fee for withdrawing a credit from a cashpoint? I know there’d be a fee if I was not in credit and withdrew cash. Source link

Keep or Cancel

I’ve don’t have a great credit history, but it seems to be getting better! I have 3 credit cards, 1 overdraft (interest free for at least 6 more months, potentially 18 months) and a loan. The Credit Cards are: 1) approx 31% APR Balance £800, limit £800 2) approx 39% APR, Balance £380, limit £1450 […]

Putting debts together

Hi all, I wondered if anyone can help, I have 2 debts totalling £2600, each with about 40-50% interest. I am just about paying the minimum but only just. I have been looking for a way to combine them into one debt, with one of of interest and paying it off monthly. But only seem […]

NatWest Credit Card Services Online

The NatWest Credit Card Services Online site is being intercepted by my McAfee security program advising me that it is exhibiting risky behaviour. This has been the case since about 2:00pm today. I have used the site and McAfee for many years and this has never happened before. Has anyone else experienced this and does […]