C/C Balance reduced from £5500 to £1000 despite paying off 3 credit accounts


***in the title I mean available credit reduced***

Hi was wondering if I should contact Barclaycard about this as I feel that it is an error.

2 months ago I paid off 3 credit cards one of them being a Barclaycard. A total of around £12K between 3 cards with money I had received for a contracted job I recently completed.

Barclaycard have not updated my credit file to show a zero balance in all of that time and 1 other card also did not update my credit file.

So about 2 weeks ago I applied for a loan for a motorcycle and got the loan.

A few days ago barclaycard wrote to me to say that because I’m not utilising my available credit correctly they have reduced my available credit to £1k.

I can’t help but think that this is barclaycard shooting themselves in the foot because if they had updated my credit file 2 months ago to show I had paid off the card then they wouldn’t be reducing my available credit.

I’m currently £350 per month better off then previously so am even more credit worthy than before so slightly annoyed about it.

Do you think I should I contact Barclaycard and explain this as I still have a zero balance?



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