CC for Spending or Money Transfer? Help please!



I’m a UK citizen with a UK bank account, but I have a US student loan through a US credit union, and I make payments using Western Union (I have no choice, that’s the only transfer service they accept, unfortunately).

The loan is at 7.75% and that rate is increasing, so I want to pay off the remaining balance (c. 7500) using a 0% credit card. Then, I’ll pay off the credit card before the 0% deal runs out. I’ve worked out minimum payments, and they are affordable to me, and I expect to be able to pay off the loan in larger chunks anyway way before the 0% deal runs out.

My question is whether I can make this payment to Western Union using a 0% spending card or whether I need to get a 0% money transfer card and then pay off the loan from my normal bank account. I’d prefer the former because then I avoid the 3-5% money transfer fee. Can one make payments to Western Union using a spending credit card?

Many thanks for any help and advice.


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