Ceiling fallen down, home insurance? please help


So I got home from work today to find that the ceiling in my ‘sewing room’ has, a crack,well more than a crack but not quite all fallen through yet, but a hole with cracks around it, its basically buckled under ressure. Definitely not something which could be skimmed over that’s for sure! There was then water dripping through the ceiling on the other side of the room and water (damp marks) making their way down the walls in various places.
I had a new bathroom fitted a few weeks ago and its directly above my sewing room, my friend (who is also an odd job man by ‘trade’) fitted it for me.
Obviously I called him as soon as I discovered it. He has sussed out that its a connection behind the tiles behind the sink, which comes from the cold water tap. He reckons the water has been slowly leaking for about 2/3 weeks since the bathroom was fitted and all of a sudden the ceiling just buckled. He has turned the water off and we have left it for now.
He has put a screwdriver through it and a bucket underneath which released about half a bucket of water which gives an idea of the amount of saturation the ceiling has endured.
Prior to the screwdriver, water has been dripping all over my stuff, it has soaked the floor (thankfully lino) and has just generally made a huge mess.

The thing is that its a really good friend who is essentially responsible for this, he has said to me that he will come and sort it. He reckons that he will have to take a few tiles out, move the sink, fix the leak and put it all back again. He has also acknowledged the fact I will need a new ceiling.

I have mentioned liability insurance etc, which he has but has made quite clear he doesn’t want to claim on it. I have had a look at my home and contents insurance which thankfully covers accidental damage and also something else, maybe assess and replace? ( where they also cover the tiles/sink/damage to anything whilst locating and fixing the leak) However my excess is £350!

I know my friends financial situation and since neither him nor his wife have regular work I know he couldn’t afford to pay that, and he wouldn’t expect to have to pay it since he has assured me he will ‘sort it’.

In order to totally rectify all damage and fix the leak, in my eyes, the floor boards will need assessing.(will they? I’d imagine so if they’ve been sodden for several weeks?) and potentially replacing, we have 4 young children I wouldn’t like to take the risk of dodgy floorboards or joists. I don’t think this is something he has even considered, and would probably have no clue how to tell if they were damaged anyway? Does anyone think the floorboards will be an issue?

The ceiling needs fixing, I’ve no idea how much a ceiling costs but I cant imagine it’s an easy job to do alone, nor if you’re not an expert? He has acknowledged the ceiling at least.

And then there’s the damp marks running along various parts of the top of the wall, I know damp marks aren’t something you can just ‘paint over’ per say. I don’t think he has taken that into consideration either.

Since he is quite a good friend, and I am the least confrontational and also far too polite a person to query him when he says he will ‘sort it’, part of me thinks it would just be better if I went through my insurance, but £350 is a hefty sum to pay out.. I just don’t think he will finish it to my standards (which would be to have everything back to exactly how it was).

I am also considering getting someome (although no idea who?!) round to have a look and quote to fix so I dont have to go through my insurance.

I don’t suppose anyone has an inkling as to how much it would cost to repair all the damage including the removal and replacement of tiles?

Has anyone been in a similar situation? I have no idea how to proceed with this. I guess what would you do?

Thanks for reading, any advice welcome!


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