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Hi there, I’m in a process of buying my first house (at quite a late stage of my life though) and there is something that upsets me (among other things). My solicitors are trying to force me to buy a Chancel Repair Liability Policy saying that this was a required by the lender (NatWest). I have several concerns here:
1. I have the Mortgage Offer from NatWest in front of me and it requires a building insurance but there is nothing about chancel repairs there.
2. The solicitors say this policy is going to cover me in case my parish church (if I had any) ever claims against me. Still they don’t know whether I’m within a church parish or not and don’t care.
3. On their letter accompanying the policy that I need to sign there is a very interesting line saying “Please do not contact the local churches or any third parties regarding the risk as it may invalidate this policy”, and the policy itself states that such a contact is certainly going to invalidate it.

I completely fail to understand this policy and the necessity of it at all. And here I’m not talking about the money, because it’s £15.00 for the next 100 years but I’m questioning the need for it and that they force me to take it. any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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