Chargeback on card due to liquidated club, owner now contacting me



So the background is this:

I bought a 12 month membership for club in June 2017. Club goes into voluntary liquidation in November 2017. I discover liquidation in January 2018 and context AMEX seeking refund, due to service no longer being available. I receive a pro-rata refund of 350 (Full membership = 950). I am happy.

Now, it turns out the club has re-opened with a new management and new ltd company but with the same trading name as before. I signed up for new package from ltd company.

The new business opened its doors on May 1 and today I receive the following email from director of previous company, that went into liquidation.

“Dear <customer>,

I see you applied and received a refund for <business name> for 950 in January.

May I ask what this is for please as I understand you are claiming for goods not received?


<previous business owner>”

I haven’t replied as I am dubious about this email. It is partially incorrect as I did only receive 350 and 950 as stated. I wonder what the intentions of the previous business owner are and should I respond. I think he is going to try and pull a fast one of sorts where he will say that the company is back up and running and I have no claim. That is not try because it is a new company.

Is the directory even entitled to be contacting me now as the company is liquidation and I thought that the liquidator has full charge of the company.

Should I reply or ignore? I am thinking I could reply and say

“I applied for refund due to the liquidation but received only a pro-rate refund of 350. I notice there is a new business in place and have since purchased service from them. May I ask why you are enquiring?”

As far as I am concerned, the refund via Amex is a done deal and I should probably ignore the guy unless Amex come to me.

Thoughts on this one? Thanks guys..


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